Pool Equipment Repair

Pool equipment helps your pool run smoothly and makes it a more enjoyable place to spend your summers. There’s nothing worse than something breaking, especially right before your guests arrive, or an especially sunny Connecticut weekend where you planned to spend the afternoon swimming away. You don’t have to be discouraged, there’s always a solution with Rave Pools to help you regain full use of your pool equipment with our essential and proven repair services and weekly pool service.

What is Pool Equipment?

Choosing a good company begins with choosing a team who knows what it takes to complete good pool equipment repair. And that starts with knowing your equipment. We understand both outdoor and in-ground pools and the challenges they may face in the long, rough winters we experience in Connecticut.

Pool equipment is pretty much all of the components that keep your pool running, it’s the heart and soul of the entire pool and requires special attention. Chances are you already have quite a bit of it in your current pool setup. Some of the pool equipment you may own includes:

  • pumps
    • single speed
    • two speed
    • variable speed
  • cleaners
    • suction
    • pressure
    • robotic
  • filters
    • sand
    • DE
    • cartridge
  • heaters
    • solar
    • electric
    • gas
  • cartridges
  • feeders
  • purifiers
    • mineral
    • ozonators
    • UV
senior man change or check cartridge pool filter
Solar water heating panel for the pool
Closeup view on robot for private pool

Some of these services will need to be completed about 1-3 weeks prior to closing your pool for the season, so it’s very important for you to plan ahead when it comes to maintaining your Fairfield or Westport pool over the winter.

Services We Provide

Rave Pools is here to help the moment any equipment in your pool breaks or malfunctions. We can provide solutions with our on-hand parts and will order, deliver and install any replacements that you need. If your main equipment (filter, pump or heater) is no longer working, we can repair with in the case of a simple injury or replace the entire part if it’s aged or broken beyond working order. It’s important to repair pool equipment soon after it breaks so your pool does not suffer and begin to build up bacteria or algae.

In addition, we reset and replace joint and coping in your pool, which is the tiling that often separates an in-ground pool from the surrounding wall or deck. Over time, hard winters can wear this area down, or it may have physical damage for a single incident or ongoing wear and tear. Our team is experienced with nearly a decade repairing the coping and joints for CT pool owners.

Need a power wash? We provide pool power wash services throughout the season to restore pools to their original luminance and create a bright clean space that’s perfect for entertaining or playing with the kids. Schedule a thorough power wash to clear dirt, debris and stains from your pool’s surface in Norwalk, CT for a brand-new feeling.



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