Pool Maintenance & Repair

Pool maintenance is key to enjoying your family pool. We help homeowners keep their pool in tip top shape by completing routine checks and weekly pool service. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, you’ll find that it’s essential to take care of your pool to keep it clean, healthy and running properly throughout the summer months. To help with general cleaning, service and more complicated procedures, we offer all of the pool services you will need to keep your family swimming happily.


What We Maintenance

Rave Pools takes care of all your pools needs so you don’t have to. One of the first things we check regularly is your pool filter, the star of your circulation system. The pump moves water through your filter to remove dirt and debris so it can travel back to your pool in a clean state. Our pool professionals are trained to spot the slightest issue and can provide you with detailed tips and parameters to monitor your pump’s performance. If you have a sand, cartridge, or DE filter, we can service it with a simple call.

During our weekly checks, we will measure your pool’s pH balance to see if the water is leaning towards acidic, something pool owners should avoid to defend against corrosion on your pool’s surface. On the opposite end, a pool that is too base will begin to show deposits, scaling and cloudy water. We use the best pool maintenance products to ensure that your pool health is optimal. We will also check for metals in your pool and sanitize your swimming pool with chlorine, as needed.

Acid Wash (Before & After)

Our team also performs acid washes for pools that exhibit severe algae buildup and hard water stains. If your pool is murky, green or black, it’s time to contact Rave Pools about an acid wash. This kind of growth is often the results of neglect or poor maintenance. An acid wash can restore your pool to its previous condition. We drain your pool with a pump and sue a diluted acid mixture to spray and scrub the pool until it’s clean. Acid washes should only be completed by a professional. We are detailed and safe with our acid wash process to prevent injury or damage.

Pool Repair


Rave Pools will replace or patch your pool liner as well so you’re protected for years to come. Pool liner replacement is just one of our many repair services to keep your pool in working order for the hottest days of summer. You can trust Rave Pools with the following repair services and more:

  • Structural repair for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools
  • Reset or Replace : Tile, Coping and or Joint
  • Pump replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Pool heater installation and replacement
  • Pool liner patching
  • Pool cover replacement
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Clean pool filters

To see why so many Fairfield and Norwalk homeowners and families in our surrounding service areas choose us, send a message or phone us to learn how we can help maintain your pool.


For a free estimate, call our offices at (203) 856-4842 and schedule an at-home visit from one of our licensed professionals.