Winter Pool Maintenance

If you own an outdoor pool you know that winter pool maintenance is an extremely important part of making sure your recreation isn’t halted by the harsh winters and heavy snowfall. If you aren’t sure what pool winterization entails or why it’s important, we will explain the entire Rave Pools process to you during our free at-home estimate visits. Here are a few crucial reasons why you want to schedule professional assistance when opening or closing your pool at the end and beginning of each season.


Why You Should Winterize Your Pool

By taking the proper steps to maintain your pool in the winter time, you’ll save your family time, money and stress. The first reason you should hire someone for winter pool maintenance is keep your water clean and free of chemicals and mold, prevent ice damage that is prevalent in the Norwalk, Connecticut area, and make it easy to hop back into the pool when summer rolls around.

If you leave your pool unattended and unbothered before the cold weather strikes, you’ll find your pool growing algae, stained, building calcium deposits or even cracking and breaking certain components from ice and expansion. None of these situations make for happy swimming and they’re a bear to replace or repair.

How To Protect Your Pool in Winter

We offer a range of services that will allow you to enjoy and protect your pool for years to come. That includes power washing the pool area and installing pool covers for the duration of the winter. More in-depth services you may be interested in include:


  • Draining the pool and the chlorine feeder
  • Brushing and vacuuming the pool to remove debris
  • Maintaining the phosphate and Ph levels of the water prior to closing the pool
  • Applying chemicals to prevent algae growth in the pool
  • Removing fittings, plugs, ladders and hoses, as needed
  • Safely storing pool equipment and fixtures
  • Checking for chemical levels
  • Clean pool filters
  • Install Merlin pool covers or other covers
collage composite maintenance of a private pool

Some of these services will need to be completed about 1-3 weeks prior to closing your pool for the season, so it’s very important for you to plan ahead when it comes to maintaining your Fairfield or Westport pool over the winter.

How to Open Your Pool

When we open your pool for the season, we follow a few important tips so you can enjoy a long summer of fun in a clean, well-run pool system.

    • Drain and remove debris and water from your pool cover
    • Remove the pool cover
    • Restore normal water levels
    • Reattach filters, drains, hoses, etc
    • Turn system back on
    • Test pool chemistry


Swimming pool.

Depending on the type of pool you own and the condition of your water, there may be additional steps needed to get you up and running. Our team is ready to handle all of your opening and closing needs so your outdoor pool remains in great shape and isn’t damaged by long, hard winters.


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