Opening Your Pool for the Summer Season

When the chill of winter is finally coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your swimming pool for the warmer weather. Pool openings are very important processes that require the right steps and techniques to prevent unnecessary damage to your system and fixtures. A professional pool maintenance company can help ensure that your pool is truly ready for that first swim of the season.

Uncovering the Pool

First and foremost, your pool technician will need to uncover your pool. However, this may require some initial prep work, especially if any water has settled on top of the cover. A pump is usually needed to remove this excess water to prevent damage to the cover and a mess on your property. The cover must be properly cleaned and dried before storage to prevent mildew growth.

Checking the Components

Pool openings require the technician to check all of the machinery involved in operating your pool, including pumps, filters, and circulation equipment. These are tested to make sure they are all in working order and no damage has occurred that requires repair or replacement. Any plugs that were placed to seal off the pool for the winter must be removed now and the hoses put back into place.

Cleaning and Prepping the Pool

Once everything has been prepared, it’s time to inspect the surface of the pool for cracks or damage that need repairing before filling. Your pool technician will also check for any areas that need cleaning. Fixtures, such as ladders and diving boards can be put back at this time. Then, the proper amount of water is added and begins to circulate. Chemicals are added as needed to achieve the proper pH to keep your pool clean and bacteria-free. Be sure to talk with your technician about how long you should wait before diving in.

Good pool openings are essential for a hassle-free swimming experience all summer long. To make sure your pool and all of its equipment are safe, clean, functioning, and ready on time, work with an experienced company to help you open your pool for the summer.