3 Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners. They have the same great features as traditional chlorine pools with a few extra benefits.

Easier Maintenance

Who doesn’t enjoy an upgrade that results in less work overall? Rather than having to shock your pool with harsh chemicals on a regular basis, you can just sit back and relax with the low-maintenance option of a saltwater pool. Add salt to the generator when it needs it, and your job is basically done. As an added bonus, while the initial installation may be more costly, you are likely to save more money over time on maintenance expenses.

Lower Chlorine Level

With a chlorine pool, chemicals are added to kill any harmful microbes living in the water so that you and your family can swim safely in it. The water in salt water pools still contains chlorine, but it’s produced naturally rather than being added in concentrated measures. The electrolysis process of the generator produces enough chlorine from the salt to sanitize your pool without overdoing it. The result is still a clean pool without the intense smell or sting of chlorine.

Gentler Experience

The smell of chlorine evokes a sense of nostalgia in people who remember visiting the city pool during their childhoods. Unfortunately, it can also exacerbate respiratory issues such as asthma and bleach your swim attire, causing the color to become dull or the suit to wear out more quickly. Salt water is a gentler substance for both your family and their clothes. You can enjoy longer hours in the pool without suffering the common side effects of chlorine.

If you like traditional chlorine pools, you’ll probably love salt water pools. A licensed technician can install a new system with customizable options. You get the same enjoyable experience with less work and fewer chemicals.