Tips For Closing Your Pool for Winter

When summer draws to a close, it’s time to shut down your pool for the colder months of the year. To take care of your pool, you must know proper pool closing procedures. That way, you don’t spend more time than necessary opening your pool when the weather warms again. Use these tips to protect your pool and get it ready for winter.

Balance the Chemicals

Test water acidity before closing the pool. If levels are high and you don’t balance them, your pool floors, equipment and wall could suffer corrosion. Use an over-the-counter water testing kit from a swimming pool supply store to help balance pool chemicals and avoid unnecessary damage. 

Clean the Pool

No pool closing is complete without a thorough cleaning. Take care of loose leaves, dirt and debris, so they don’t contaminate your pool. Neglect this step and you could allow bacteria such as algae to grow on your filter and dirty up your pool’s floor and wall during winter. Give yourself one less thing to do when you open your pool again next year by giving your pool some much-deserved TLC. 

Shock the Pool Water

Make a habit of shocking your pool water once a year. Shock treatment chemicals get rid of pool water contaminants and help keep the water looking great over the winter. 

Prevent Algae Growth

You can do more than clean your pool to stop algae in its tracks. Algaecide treatments prevent you from investing substantial time and money in clearing algae blooms from your pool. Use them to keep from finding a nasty surprise when you open your pool again.

Cover Your Pool

End your pool closing by covering your pool. Invest in a cover that stays down no matter how hard the wind blows. The cover shouldn’t have too much slack, so it doesn’t dimple into the pool under the weight of water and snow.

Take time to close your pool the right way. A pool cleaning professional can provide you with more tips to help your pool last longer and look better when you’re ready to use it again.