Having a Saltwater Swimming Pool Isn’t Just a Fad

Not long ago, if you asked a homeowner if their swimming pool was filled with saltwater, they probably would have looked at you incredulously. However, things have changed in the past few years, and now a saltwater pool is becoming the norm instead of the exception. More pool manufacturers and builders than ever before understand that saltwater is no longer a fad.

Chlorine Allergies

Swimmers sometimes complain of skin reactions after moving through pool water that has been chlorine-treated, and they assume it is the chorine. For most swimmers, it is the additives and carriers in the chemicals used in pools that cause the skin reactions, not the chlorine. When those sensitive people swim in a pool filled with saltwater, they have no skin reactions.

Saltwater Changes

Believe it or not, the modern saltwater pool contains chlorine. Since there are none of the other harsh chemicals used in the salt and chlorine-treated pool water, the water is smooth and silky against the skin of anyone that slides through the liquid. Another difference between the two types of pool water is the need for stabilizers. In a chlorine pool, a pound of the stabilizers must be used for every two pounds of chlorine, and that means a lot of chemicals will be coating a swimmer’s skin. If the chemicals reach 100 ppm or more, the pool’s chlorine grows ineffective and becomes useless.

Algae Control

Algae can still grow in saltwater if poor sanitation conditions develop. Should that occur, a small amount of stabilizer will be needed to help the chlorine control the unwanted growth. Because the amount of stabilizers is so small, there is less chance that a swimmer’s skin will react to the chemicals while homeowners battle the algae infestation.

Chemistry Levels

Yes, a saltwater pool has a different chemical makeup than chlorine-treated waters, but your local pool maintenance technician can help you understand how to adjust the pH levels. It is much easier than you think to change your pool to saltwater, and your skin will thank you.