Top 10 Tips To Easily Open Your Inground Pool

Preparing your inground pool for use at the beginning of the warm season can be a chore. Knowledge and know-how are your key tools to make the process smooth and painless. Read on for the best tips to help you effortlessly prepare your pool for summer fun. 

Take Off the Winter Cover

The first step in pool opening is to get ready to remove the cover that protected the pool over winter. Use a broom or skimmer to remove the bulk of the dirt and debris that has collected.  

Clean Cover and Put in Storage

Remove the cover from the pool. Hose it off to clean it and let it dry before you roll it up and store it for next winter’s use. 

Skim the Water Surface

Use a skimmer net to scoop up leaves and debris from the water’s surface. 

Remove Plugs From Pipes and Drains

Take the plugs out of all the inlets and outlets. 

Set Up Railings and Accessories

Carefully reinstall handrails, ladders, and the diving board.

Fill To Water Line

Grab a hose and fill the pool until the water level reaches the required mark.

Prep the Pump

Clean and prepare the filtration system and pump so you can circulate and clean the pool water. 

Test Water pH

Use test strips to monitor the current pH level and gauge the amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed. 

Vacuum and Clean Liner

Use a pool vacuum to gently scrub the liner and pool floor clean. 

Treat the Water

Shock the water with pool chemicals to kill bacteria and eliminate any algae growth before the pool opening.

When you are prepared for what it takes to open your pool, the whole process becomes much easier and less stressful. While there is some prep work that you can handle to make things simple, it’s always best to get the help of a professional to ensure everything is done safely and with no damage.