3 Steps Technicians May Take To Winterize Your Pool


Owning a pool can be a pleasure for you and your family, especially on warm summer days when the conditions are perfect for a leisurely swim or pool party. However, when the cooler weather arrives and the time comes for a yearly pool closing, winterizing professionals can help you understand which steps they will take to ensure your pool weathers the winter safely. 

1. Balancing the Water 

Before your technicians cover the pool, they will likely test the water to balance the water’s pH, hardness and alkalinity first. Balancing the water can be crucial to protecting the pool’s lining, as hard or acidic water levels may damage it. Your technicians will add or reduce amounts of each condition until the water is properly balanced. 

2. Cleaning the Pool 

Once your pool closing technicians balance the water, the next step they might take is to clean the pool’s liner and clear away any debris floating on the surface like fall leaves, dead insects and dirt. They might use powerful pool vacuums and large skimmers to perform this step to ensure the surface and liner are as clean as possible, as the breakdown of any organic material might upset the water balance or cause damage to the filter and liners. Your techs may also run a cleansing agent through your pool’s filter after cleaning the surface as well. 

3. Partial Draining and Covering

The final step your pool technicians will likely make is to drain the pool down past the filter system and hoses to prevent backwash over the winter. They may also clean and remove the pump at this point as well, and remove the filters so you can store them inside over the winter. Finally, they will place the skimmer cover and then add the main cover with sturdy clips. Your techs may also advise you about how to store your pool equipment and accessories properly. 

Having experienced pool technicians winterize your swimming pool can make it easier to set up the following spring. Contact your local pool service and maintenance company today for assistance.