Closing Your In-Ground Pool for the Winter: 5 Tips

Owning an in-ground pool can be a great source of enjoyment, but there are also many responsibilities that come with it as well. Winter pool closing can be especially daunting, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind as you prepare for the process. 

1. Work With a Professional 

Because there are many steps required to properly close down an in-ground pool for the winter, working with professional pool technicians can help ensure that no crucial steps are missed. These technicians also have experience with the required chemicals needed for balancing the water and for proper pool cleaning, which means you do not have to risk the safety of your children and pets while performing do-it-yourself winter pool maintenance. 

2. Choose a Time 

The best time for an in-ground pool closing usually depends on where you live and what the weather is like there. Traditionally, most owners shutter their pools around the end of September. 

3. Skim the Water 

Skimming the surface of your in-ground pool before your technicians arrive to close it may make the process simpler for them and allow the chemicals they use to work more efficiently. Fall leaves, dead insects and other debris can affect the water balance, so removing these impurities can assist your technicians with pool shuttering. 

4. Prepare a Storage Spot 

Choose a storage location for pool furniture, toys and accessories. An indoor locale with controlled temperatures can help preserve these items for the following season. 

5. Inspect the Pool Cover 

Before your pool technicians arrive, inspect your in-ground pool’s cover for tears or other issues that may make it ineffective. Ensure that the clips are in good working order so the cover stays in place, even during strong winter storms. 

Your pool technicians will likely advise you about the steps they will take to close your in-ground pool. Doing all you can to help before they arrive may make the process simpler for both them and your family.