An in-ground pool can completely transform your backyard into a private getaway for family and friends. Whether you already own a pool or are planning to have one installed, it’s important to consider more than just general upkeep. How you choose to cover your pool can make a big difference in how long this investment lasts, as well as its general state for everyday use. While manual options are available, automatic pool covers can help protect your in-ground pool while adding a host of useful benefits.


Covering a pool by hand can be an arduous task. Because it’s lengthy and difficult to complete, many pool owners only use covers offseason. This can make an in-ground pool a safety risk while keeping it open to debris, potential contamination, precipitation and animal life. However, automatic versions are simple, quick and convenient. As a result, pool owners are more likely to utilize the cover on a regular basis, which can significantly improve the quality of the water and structure.


Even with the proper care and supervision, an open pool can pose a risk to small children. It also has the potential to lure trespassers to your property. However, automatic pool covers can help ensure no one goes for a swim without the proper permission and supervision. As an added safety feature, some models are passcode protected, adding another layer of security and peace of mind.


With the option to cover your pool any time with zero effort, you can maintain desirable conditions with ease. Less exposure to outdoor elements means water levels remain more constant and pool chemicals last longer. Cleanings are required less often and you can also save on energy costs for heated pools. You’ll also find that your pool stays cleaner so you can spend more time enjoying it instead of maintaining it.

Professionally installed automatic pool covers are a wise investment. In addition to boosting safety and simplicity, they can also help you save money in the long run by protecting your pool.

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