Having your own pool is one of the best ways to make your summers special, but if you live in a climate where you have to close for the winter, that means you have to handle your opening every spring. Getting your pool open for the year can be intimidating if you’re new to owning a pool, but by following these steps you can ensure you open your pool safely and properly every year.

1) Tend to the Cover

Your pool cover is a crucial part of keeping your pool protected through the winter, and it’s important to take care when you remove it to keep it from being damaged and make it easier to put back on in the fall. Often water from rain will gather on your cover while it’s on. Be sure to remove all this excess water then leave the cover out on a flat surface to dry before folding it up to avoid mildew growth while it’s in storage.

2) Prepare the Pool & Perform Tests

Once the cover is off, it’s time to refill your pool and install any vital systems like the filtration and circulation systems. Once your pool is filled, you can test the water to determine important information like pH and alkaline levels, and make any needed adjustments with chemicals.

3) Shock the System

While normal pool chemicals like chlorine may be all you need over the summer to keep your pool at safe levels, when you first open for the year you’ll need to shock your water. The highly concentrated shock treatment kills off potentially dangerous bacteria to make your water swim-ready.

If the process of your pool opening feels intimidating, there’s good news. By working with a pool maintenance professional you can be sure that the process is done correctly, and that your pool is opened safely with no costly damage to the pool, its lining or its mechanical systems. Get in touch with a service professional near you and your pool will be ready for swimming before you know it.

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