With winter here, most people have already closed their pool. If you haven’t, there are some best practices surrounding pool closing. Properly winterizing the pool keeps things in working order in time for the spring or summer opening.


The pool uses a pump to move water around the pool, filters to remove sand or other debris from the water and a heater for use in cooler weather. Each pump uses winterization plugs, remove them to drain out the water from inside the system. Leave the plugs out and in a safe space until spring arrives. Put your sand filter on winterizing mode and remove the plug to fully drain all the water to prevent freezing conditions damaging the parts. Clean the cartridge filters and remove the drain plug to allow the water to leave the filter. Be sure to properly winterize the heater as this is an expensive part to replace.


The returns and skimmer are necessary accessories to a properly functioning pool. When starting your pool closing, it is essential to make sure these items are properly cleaned. Start by draining the water to below the return fitting at the lowest spot then remove the water from the plumbing system. Place something inside the skimmers to keep any water left in them from expanding and damaging the pipes. There are gizmos available specifically for this purpose.


Keep the spring startup easy by thoroughly cleaning the pool when you winterize it. Removing the organic debris from the water allows the chlorine or another sanitizer to work all winter without being depleted. Algae can grow if it has access to the organic matter leaving the water green come spring. After you have finished winterizing the pool, cover it to keep out unwanted debris. Use these pool closing tips to make opening the pool in the spring easy. The time you spend now making your pool ready for the long-dormant winter will pay off come springtime.

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