A pool is a wonderful place to spend time during the hot, summer months. The refreshing water is fun to splash, jump and swim in. Pools are not without work though. A well-maintained pool is more enjoyable and prettier to look at. Here are the top benefits of a weekly pool maintenance service.

Water Level

Maintaining the water level is crucial for your pump to work efficiently. The water level rises and falls depending on rain fall and the amount of people hanging out in the pool. When the pool level changes, the equipment has to work harder to keep the pool clean. A maintenance service maintains the water level for you.

Weekly Maintenance

Every week, you should check the chemical balance, clean the skimmers and look for leaks. The strains, drains and filters can wear over time causing leaks and a decrease in functionality. A weekly pool maintenance service comes in and checks the drains, inspects the water circulation and looks at the filters in addition to the above. Each week, they test the water and make sure it has the best conditions.

Expert Care

While you can maintain your pool alone, it takes a lot of work every week. A pool lasts longer and is more fun to swim in when it’s properly maintained. A pool is often a large investment in your home, so you want it to last as long as possible. A maintenance service helps you keep the pool in tip-top shape without having to remember everything yourself. A balanced pool doesn’t grow algae and keeps bacteria away for a safe swim.

Look for a quality weekly pool maintenance service company to come and do the work for you. An expert can help you resolve small problems before they grow into larger, more costly ones. Not only that, you can enjoy your pool without all the work.

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  1. Lyla Peterson on February 27, 2020 at 6:13 pm

    I didn’t realize that changing water levels can make it more difficult for your pool equipment to function properly. My husband and I just moved into a house last week that has an in-ground pool in the backyard. Since neither if us has any experience with this, we will definitely look into hiring professionals to take care of the maintenance.

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