Nothing says summer like a long dip in the cool, clear waters of your backyard pool. Once considered a luxury, the design elements of pools have changed and made it increasingly affordable for families across the country. Although it will bring hours of endless fun, owning a pool has quite a bit of maintenance that you need to be prepared to handle. By working with a local company that offers a weekly pool maintenance service, you can take some of the headache out of ownership. However, that doesn’t mean you should stay in the dark about pool care.


It is very important that you keep your pool water clean. Debris and dirt can alter the balance of your pool water, but it can also breed bacteria and clog your pool filter. On a daily basis, use a skimmer to remove anything floating on the surface of the water. You should also invest in a quality vacuum, some of which are self-propelled automated. Your pool should be vacuumed thoroughly, both the floor and the sides, at least once a week. An automatic vacuum can do this for you. You will also need to clean your pool’s filter at least once a week, as well as the filter basket when debris starts to build up.


The pool water will require certain chemicals to keep the levels safe for swimming, but also to help clean out bacteria. A weekly pool maintenance service will help check these. The ph of the water will need to be checked every time you swim, and safe levels are between 7.2 and 8. You will need to add reducer or additives in order to maintain the correct levels. You should also check your chlorine levels each time you swim.

By scheduling professional services, your water will remain safe and clear for swimming. You will have a great way to pass the summer months with friends and family.

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