For those who own a pool or are considering installing one, it’s important to figure out what options are the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. One major item to consider is if you would like to go with a traditional chlorine system or opt for a new saltwater one. If this is your current dilemma, then weighing out the costs and benefits with each type of system may help you with your decision.


The first thing to consider is how much you’re willing to invest in installation and maintenance. A traditional chlorine system requires regular treatments of pool chemicals to keep the water safe and balanced. As chlorine evaporates, a pool professional must test the water and supplement with additional chemicals as needed. In contrast, a saltwater conversion system requires that a chlorine generator be installed to convert salt to chlorine, plus the initial salt application of course. Because salt is much less expensive than chlorine, in addition to being resistant to evaporation, the bulk of an owner’s investment will be in the initial cost of installation, plus the costs of topping off the salt on very rare occasions.


While it’s quite apparent from judging by the cost of chemicals alone that a saltwater pool would seem more cost-efficient over time, one must also consider the potential costs of other factors. Depending on the type of pool you have or would like to build, you may be needing to invest in other installation costs or materials if your pool needs any special accommodations. In addition, because salt is corrosive, it’s possible that it will damage to metal pool parts and surrounding landscape. Electricity costs are also known to be higher with a saltwater conversion system especially for larger pools.


There is quite a bit to consider when you weight out the pros and cons of using a saltwater conversion system versus a traditional chlorine one. It can be challenging to figure it all out on your own, so contacting a professional pool service can point you in the right direction and guide you in figuring out options, installation and maintenance regardless of what you choose.


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