Spring and the warmer temperatures it brings can sneak up on you, wreaking havoc on your pool by promoting algae growth.

This can be especially problematic if you use a mesh pool cover, as the water will get plenty of sunlight.

It is often better to prepare for swim season earlier rather than later. Whether your pool is heated or non-heated, it is ideal to open it at least three weeks before you intend to use it.

It is important that your water is clean and clear before swimming. Let us know your preferred week(s) by using the form below. Pool openings begin end of march onward. Please provide 3 possible dates for your opening


Co-Owner, Jessica will be in contact with you. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred opening week.


** If you are new customer, please contact us through here

You will receive a confirmation email when your form has been received. Our scheduler will be in contact with you to confirm your exact pool opening date and details.