Steps for Getting Your Pool Ready This Summer

Pool owners have to prepare for pool openings each season so their family and friends can continue to enjoy the benefits of having a pool. Getting your pool ready for the summer takes preparation, supplies and a series of steps. You can also hire a contractor to take care of your pool maintenance so you can just focus on relaxing and swimming. Here is what pool owners should do to get ready for the summer.

Clean the Cover and Take It Off

The first thing you should do is clean off your pool cover. Remove any debris or water that has collected on top of the cover. After cleaning it, take the cover off of the pool and store it for next season. Dry the cover off completely before folding it and putting it away.

Clean the Pump and Filter

Next, have your pool operator or contractor inspect the pump and filter and clear off any debris. Any antifreeze products should be removed before starting the pump up for the first time. Your pool contractor will check for leaks and other issues when running the pump.

Scrub the Pool and Make Repairs

The pool may have debris and caked-on dirt inside, so it needs a deep clean before any pool openings. Additionally, have your pool contractor inspect the area around the pool and make repairs. Check out the pool liner for tears, the diving board for cracks and the concrete around the pool for damage.

Add Water and Chemicals

Once the pool is cleaned, repaired and ready to go, you can add more water so it’s completely filled. Work with your pool contractor to get recommendations for chlorine and other chemicals so your pool water is clear and clean.

Each year’s pool openings can be easier if you have a qualified contractor to help get your pool ready for the swim season. With these steps, you and your family can keep enjoying the luxury of pool ownership.