How to Winterize Your Pool

In the summer, a pool is a source of fun and relaxation. Swimming or relaxing in a pool is a great way to cool down and enjoy the summer weather. However, in the winter, having a pool can be a challenge. Whether it is in-ground or above-ground, you will need some pool winterization.


Your entire pool should be cleaned before winter. Not only should your pool technician us a pool brush to scrub your pool from top to bottom, but all the debris from the pool should be removed. Dirt and other debris can stain your pool.

When your hoses and drainplugs are removed, they should also be thoroughly cleaned. Don’t forget to clean your filters. Then, store your pool supplies in a warm, safe, dry location throughout the winter.


Pool winterization also includes chemical treatments. First, your pool water should be balanced to prevent erosion and scale buildup on your walls and in your pool equipment. Then, if you have a deep end, your technician will add winterization chemicals to the water to protect its quality.


Your pool technician will also reduce your water level so that it is below your skimmers or attach skimmer guards, preventing water from sitting in them over the winter. Your return lines will also be plugged. Your tech will recommend the process that will best protect your pool.

Cover Care

Rain, snow and debris can collect on your pool cover during the winter, which can cause damage. Therefore, before your cover is installed, your technician may suggest the installation of air pillows, which are blown up and attached to the sides of the pool so that they remain in the center. These pillows push the center of your cover upward so that it doesn’t collect snow in its center, which will drag it down toward the water.

Your cover also prevents debris from settling into your pool throughout the winter. Your cover should be checked and cleared periodically throughout the winter.

Pool winterization ensures that your pool is protected and lasts for years to come. A reputable pool contractor can guide you through your winterization process.