3 Steps a Pool Company May Take for a Seasonal Pool Opening

If you are the proud owner of a backyard swimming pool, then you probably understand the joy of a cool dip at the end of a long, hot day, as well as all the other advantages it offers. Pool ownership also means yearly maintenance, but when the time comes to call your local pool company for a late-spring pool opening, there are a few steps the technicians might take to ensure you and your family can enjoy your backyard oasis as soon as possible. 

1. Inspecting the Filter 

Once the technicians remove the pool cover, they might check the filter to see if it requires any cleaning before they proceed. A cover usually helps protect the filter from fall leaves and other debris that may enter the water. If you had the filter cleaned at the end of the previous season and your pool has a durable cover, then the filter will probably not require much cleaning.

2. Testing the Water 

One important aspect of a pool opening is to ensure your water is properly balanced with proper pH levels so your family can swim safely. Your technicians will likely bring a supply of water-testing equipment and whatever chemicals may be required to ensure the water is not overly chlorinated yet stays cleaner longer. 

3. A Safety Inspection 

No seasonal pool opening is complete without ensuring it is safe to use for every member of the family. Your technicians might inspect the pool liner, the ladders and the surface around the pool to check for any issues that could cause injuries. You can ask your pool company how their technicians can repair any problems so your family can use the pool safely.

Opening your pool for the season is usually a joyful event as you look forward to a summer of fun and time swimming together with family and friends. Hiring professionals to open your pool at the start of the season can make this process hassle-free and give you peace of mind all summer long.