Use Winter Maintenance To Make Pool Re-Openings Easier

When changes in the temperature and signs of spring indicate that summer months will soon be upon you, it is time to think about re-opening your swimming pool. Your friends and family members are anticipating splashing and swimming away the hot, humid days, and the sooner you get busy with your pool opening, the happier you will keep those who are looking forward to a summer of fun.

Look Back To Move Forward

By looking back at what you did to close your pool, you will be in a better position to open it. If you properly followed the maintenance instructions for your pool and winterized it, you should have very little difficulty having it ready for spring or summer. Here are some things to check to ensure you will be ready when the time comes.

  1. Above Ground Pools: Make sure your pool cover stays snug and tight all winter. If it slips loose, debris can fall into the pool. It can also put a strain on the cover and cause it to weaken. Check your air pillows to be sure it is still doing its job. Siphon off any water that accumulates on the top of the pool cover. Check the water level inside the pool. If it has dropped significantly since you closed it, it could mean there is a slow leak.
  2. In-Ground Pool: To help with your spring pool opening, keep the following in mind. Don’t let broken water tube systems go unrepaired. These help hold the pool cover in place. Don’t use heavy lawn furniture or bricks to keep the cover tightened down. If your cover slips from the side into the pool, these items could fall in and damage the pool liner. Pump any standing water from off the cover.

Taking care of these elements will ensure that you don’t have extra maintenance or work waiting for you when it is time for your pool opening. For help getting everything ready, consider hiring a professional pool company to both winterize and re-open your pool.