If you have your own pool, you may not think as much about your swimming pool in the winter and early spring. Before your pool opening, you may think that the cold weather helps to prevent any problems with algae growth. You would normally be right. However, warmer winters and early spring can lead to more algae growth than normal. Here is how you can stop the growth.

Use Algaecide

Algaecide is one of the best ways to prevent algae growth before you open your pool. In the winter, you only have to pull aside the cover to pour some of the algaecides into the water. You can use the net to stir it around. You can also add a bactericide to this treatment. With bactericide, open pull the cover back in three or four places and pour a small amount into the water. It is especially important to use these methods on pools that normally have chlorine, ionizing systems, salt or bromine.

Use Pool Enzymes

Pool enzymes can eat or consume organic waste in your pool water. All you have to do is pour the pool enzymes under the cover and mix It up. You can purchase pool enzymes and simply follow the instructions. The best time to use the enzymes is about two to three weeks before the opening.

Use Pool Filter

Before you open your pool, you may want to consider running your pool filter system. If you run your pool filter system each day before you open the pool, then you are more likely to have a clean and fresh pool. You may not have to wait when the cover comes off.

Before your pool opening, it is important to treat your pool and ensure that you do not have algae growth. With these steps, you can enjoy your pool in the spring and summer without having to worry about excess bacteria or algae.

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