If you own a swimming pool or hot tub, you’ll find that there are different options when it comes to pool filters. When it comes to high-quality filters, sand or cartridge filters are what you may find yourself trying to make a decision between. There is no right or wrong answer. In fact, different people have different preferences. Likewise, it can all depend on your pool set up. Here are some important things to know about the differences between cartridge and sand filters.

Cartridge Filters

A cartridge filter does best when you have a covered pool. You don’t have to backwash the filter and you tend to save water. These are great benefits, especially when you consider the cost of water in the summer heat. Cartridge pool filters will also filter out debris to a finer degree. However, what you do need to consider is how quickly they can get clogged. If you have an uncovered pool, leaves, seeds and other debris may get caught in the filter and force you to clean it out more often. In fact, for some people, you may be cleaning out your filter about twice a week. For uncovered pools, you end up wasting more water than you save.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are a little more cost effective than a cartridge filter. As said before, it does not filter to as fine of a degree, but it does do the job well. You do have to backwash the sand filter when it gets clogged, but this process only takes a few minutes. You simply press a lever that diverts the water and pushes the debris out through the bypass hose. If you have an uncovered pool, this is your best option.

When it comes to pool filters, your situation will dictate which works best for you. There is no right or wrong answer, but with help from a pool specialist, you can make the right choice.

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