As summer approaches, so does pool opening season. It’s important to begin the process at least a few weeks ahead of time to be sure everything is taken care of and any problems are resolved. If this is the first time you’ve opened a pool or you’re uncomfortable with handling it all by yourself, you should hire a professional to help. They can also give you tips for keeping your pool prepared for next opening and lend equipment you may not otherwise have.

1. Clean the Cover and Remove It

While some water and debris on top of the cover getting into the pool isn’t a big deal, it’s better to make things easier for later by cleaning as much as you can. Using a cover pump can make the cleaning and removal easier.

2. Check for Any Damage

Equipment, pipes, the pool interior, hoses and more can get cracks over the winter due to ice and other hazards. While doing a pool opening, it’s important to check for these damages before they can get worse, replacing or repairing what’s needed with professional help.

3. Reconnect and Start the System

Any removed pool equipment should be returned, plugs removed, drains reconnected, filter reset and anything else that needs to be done for a proper pool system. A professional can make sure everything is in place before you return power to the pool.

4. Have a Pro Test the Water and Adjust Chemicals

It’s ideal to have a professional test the water to see what chemicals need to be added. Getting the right alkalinity, pH levels, chlorine, etc. can be a headache and can cause serious problems if done incorrectly.

5. Clean the Pool and Keep Cleaning Tools Nearby

Use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool, along with any other equipment you have. Even after pool opening, you should keep your cleaning tools at an easy to access place for regular tidying up.

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