When people think of pools, they are likely to think about the recreational activities and cooling properties they could enjoy in it on a warm day. However, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything is clean and in working order before anyone can even get in. Staying on top of your swimming pool maintenance is the best way to ensure that you will enjoy it for years to come.


Regardless of using your pool or not, it is important that you give it a good scrub and thorough vacuum weekly, in addition to taking the time to remove loose debris in between. Simply skimming the top with a pool rake or skimmer, as well as emptying the filter basket can help ensure nothing clogs the filter or collects at the bottom of the pool.


Checking your pools chemical levels regularly is important for keeping swimmers safe and healthy as well as your pool wall, floor and hardware undamaged. Calcium build-up, staining, algae growth, water-borne illnesses, irritation to skin and eyes can all be avoided by treating your pool regularly and shocking it with extra heavy doses of chemicals can help restore it back to normal if anything out of the ordinary affects your pool water. Either way it is imperative that you add regular chemical treatments to your swimming pool maintenance routine.


Covers for your pool are something to strongly consider for long periods of time when it is not in use. Solar coverings can help reduce water use and chemical waste by preventing excessive chlorine and water evaporation, while also keeping your water warm and debris out. For longer stretches of time, a winter pool cover is a more secure option after thoroughly cleaning your pool.


Last but not least, it is important to seek the guidance of a professional pool service, not only for weekly and emergency maintenance, but also for professional installation and repair of any specialty pool devices such as motors and heating systems. Having a professional on board can help take the guess work out of your swimming pool maintenance routine, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

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